→ Background:

Raised and schooled in New York, Todd began his career in Manhattan during the first dot-com bubble and worked at Internet behemoth DoubleClick from 1997 to 2001. Todd found himself running late for work one day when he thought he heard a plane hit a building somewhere nearby.

Frantically running down the spiral staircase to turn on Howard Stern (of course he would know what happened) Todd ignored the devastation happening right outside his window…but proceeded to watch the rest of 9/11 from a perfect, unobstructed perch witnessing the death of loved ones, his community, and his boyhood all at the same time.

After 10 months filled with dread, intense fears and doubts, and anger towards virtually everything Todd was convinced by a friend to enroll in a 3-day ‘personal growth course’ that quickly snapped him out of it. Filled with new energy and hope he then enrolled in a 9-month program to learn more about food, health and sustainability and became licensed as a holistic health coach.

A few months later he flew down to Austin, TX and waited in a 5-hour book signing queue to meet Deepak Chopra so he could present him with a business plan to ‘change the world’. An exhausted Deepak barely looked up during the 30-second pitch but wrote down his personal cell phone number in the book and told Todd to give him a call the next day.

A few months afterwards Todd found himself in Costa Rica working for a documentary film called ‘The SHIFT’ where the job was to film Deepak, Oscar Arias (then president of Costa Rica) and others for the launch of ‘The Alliance For a New Humanity’.

During this 5-day event Todd encountered an entirely new universe of organizations, aspirants, practitioners that represented a thrilling movement of people who were working towards systematic change, both personal and collective. He returned home more than inspired. He returned home feeling like a New Man.

→ Work & Career:

Because he had spent 4 years working in digital marketing at DoubleClick, and trained in this ‘brand new way’ of doing business, Todd’s knowledge was in high demand and he began consulting with various authors and groups in the personal growth & spiritual development space.

He worked with the likes of Deepak, Eckhart Tolle, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Sounds True and others. In 2010 he moved to California to help start Evolving Wisdom – a company that exploded onto the scene with their cutting-edge wisdom courses and curriculum.

He started several of his own ventures and coaching programs, including Worldwide Tipping Point where he interviewed luminaries like Whole Foods founder John Mackey, Eckhart Tolle and Marianne Williamson.

In 2015 he partnered with a few colleagues to create Sacred Media where they launched The Superhuman Operating System – an online program based on Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory philosophy. Todd had the honor to spend over 100 hours face-to-face with Ken, and was the voice of the program that reached over 100,000 people and generated millions of dollars in the first year alone.

Tony Robbins was the biggest individual supporter of the Superhuman Operating System and Todd interviewed Tony two times during the launch along with several other thought leaders.

In 2016 Todd raised over $600K to launch The Amplifield, a digital app that aimed to have millions of people meditating together. Almost immediately after its release the app’s signature globe was visibly displayed at the COP21 climate change summit in Paris so others from around the world could meditate and pray for those at the physical event. Over 150,000 people have attended events on The Amplifield.

In 2019 he founded Man For Man – an online coaching environment geared for the needs of modern men while continuing to consult with master teachers like Matt Kahn and John Assaraf making sure their missions are aligned with their highest purpose

→ Key Practices & Experiences:

Todd has dedicated the better part of his personal life to exploring a wide variety of healing modalities and transformative practices that have helped craft his work:
  • In the late 1990’s he began using brainwave entrainment and binaural beat audio technologies and is a firm believer in our ability to consciously foster deep, subconscious changes in our minds through proven neuro technologies.
  • In the early 2000’s he began experimenting with various plant medicines and in 2010 traveled to Peru to spend time in the jungle with some of the native medicines and teachers that continue to heal and evolve his outlook.
  • Became certified in nutrition & health coach learning from world renowned teachers at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.
  • Has completed several 10-day Vipassana meditation retreats in pure silence that have provided some of his biggest insights.
  • Has invested hundreds of thousands in courses, retreats, and seminars to unveil his highest potentials including the world-renowned Hoffman Process in 2012.
  • Traveled to India for 6 weeks in 2012 to study with various Dharma teachers and spent 8 days at the Kumbh Mela where he was part of the largest gathering of human beings in history when 36 million people descended into the Ganges river for a ‘spiritual cleanse’.
  • Spent 8 weeks studying archeology and anthropology in Egypt and visited all the major pyramids to expand perception of our vast historical heritage.
  • Is a non-dogmatic & non-religious student of the teachings of Buddha, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, King Solomon, Yogananda, Raphael and others – and firmly believes these timeless teachings need to be ‘brought back’ and made modern so people today can understand them, embody them, and benefit.

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