Ascend is a coaching system and community where members are guided to achieve their highest potentials in this lifetime.  Our platform is often called ‘transformation with a purpose’ – and that purpose is to have YOU fully unleashed, tapping into your full capabilities, and living your most extraordinary life.

Our members are those who want to play a bigger game.  Those who strive for greatness in their personal and professional lives. Those who inherently know that when we come together in community we amplify our individual and collective potential for a huge, positive impact in this world.  Join us to start your transformation now, and let’s build something legendary together.

How Ascend Works:

01. Monthy Curriculum
Each month our members run through a transformative process based on a particular theme (e.g, breaking through self-imposed limits, unlocking massive creativity, accessing greater energy and vitality, amplifying discipline to accelerate achievement of your goals, and more). The monthly curriculum is central to our platform because we believe that achieving greatness is accelerated when you go about it with a consistent, dedicated mindset and on a shared journey with support and accountability as part of a community. Each month, you’ll have access to a host of trainings, world-class tools and practices to experiment with, and weekly ‘office hours’ where you can ask us questions and receive live coaching and additional support.
02. Expert Experiences
We believe in the power of experience over mere intellectual understanding. This is why we bring in a unique array of amazing teachers to facilitate research-backed practices for greater clarity, focus, calm, energy, and balance, including martial artists, breathwork facilitators, embodiment practitioners, and more. We also host monthly ceremonies to bring back the power of Ritual and share why it’s so critical in our daily lives.
03. Self Assessment
Part of the ‘Ritual’ within Ascend is a monthly self-assessment tool our members use to monitor their growth and success in various domains. We are interested in helping our members achieve quantifiable change in the shortest amount of time - and this self-assessment ritual is an amplifier to getting results faster.
04. Accountability
While we play our part to provide a consistent, world-class curriculum the real power in Ascend lies within the network itself. The people. You. We place a BIG focus on making sure our members work within accountability partners and groups that serve as an amplifier to success!
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What To Expect

March 2023:

Skyrocket Your Physical Energy Levels – This month we’ll explore cutting-edge ways to magnify your physical vitality with tools and ideas designed to increase output.  We will motivate you to get in the best physical form possible.  In addition to our weekly trainings and office hours we’re bringing in some amazing experts to up-level your physical game:

  • Samurai Training – Just wait until you meet and experience the power of this martial art, taught by one of the world’s most advanced Samurai’s.  In this session we are going to experience – and move – energy like you’ve never experienced before.

  • Self Love & Energy – Author, speaker and healer Jenny Mannion will guide our community into a collective state of self love that will shed away all internal limitations and have our physical bodies cleared of all limitations.

April 2023:

Amplifying Abundance – This month we’ll put forth a series of practices and workshops that fortify abundance in all of your life’s domains. Whether you are looking for greater abundance in your relationships, health, or professionally our shared goal will be to fortify potent new programming within you that generates quantifiable results in your outer experience.  In addition to the main weekly trainings and office hours we’ll run these workshops:

  • The Samurai will run a class showing us how to unlock the physical attributes of abundance, helping us to release the vital life force energy that has been shut down. You do not want to miss this.

  • Jenny Mannion will run a group energy healing empowering us to unleash the highest levels of creativity, gratitude and trust that leads to the abundance of ‘living in the flow’.