A Podcast for Awakening Hidden Potential

Hosts: Lauren Gold & Todd Jason

Are you ready to dissolve the barriers that hold you back from your true capabilities?

Lydia Yuknavitch went from being homeless and sleeping under an overpass to a best selling author with a cult following and a TEDTalk with over 4M views.

The SMU football team experienced a three decade long losing streak until, within one year, the new special teams coach Frank Gansz led them to winning their first bowl game in 25 years.

CEO Loren Hamel brought Lakeland Hospital, which ranked in the bottom 25th percentile for patient satisfaction, to a record-breaking 95th percentile for patient satisfaction within 90 days, dramatically improving health outcomes.

How did each of them achieve these exceptional results?

When we look at powerful stories of transformation and uncommon levels of achievement, it’s often the case that these individuals weren’t more talented or better equipped than anyone else. They had simply discovered how to activate the hidden potential within themselves and others.

Welcome to Untapped, where you’ll learn from leading luminaries, scientists, business leaders and spiritual teachers on cutting-edge ways to unlock your own true capacity for success, fulfillment, connection, love, self-compassion, physical energy and vitality, and so much more.

If you have a nagging feeling that you have so much more to offer in this world than you’ve been tapping into, if you feel like your performance has been good but not great, if you’d like to elevate yourself or others to the next level, this podcast is for you.

Through hearing the incredible stories of others who have ‘cracked the code’ on what we’re truly capable of, this podcast will equip you with powerful tools and a concrete roadmap for overcoming challenges, pushing past plateaus, and unlocking your own untapped potential.

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How to Design Your Life

Bill Burnett - Co-Author, NYT Best-seller Designing Your Life

Bill’s speciality lies in design thinking and innovation, and in this session we’ll pick his brain on how to use proven concepts within product design to forecast success in your personal and professional lives. You’ll come away with an entirely innovative way to think about your future planning!

Feeling unfulfilled in your work or not as successful as you’d like? Learn a proven and immediately actionable step-by-step process for achieving the life of your dreams.

The Power of Storytelling

Rachel Konrad - Former Director of Communications, Tesla

Rachel was the Director of Communications for Tesla and also the CCO for Impossible Foods, helping both companies become household names. She’s now a Lecturer at Stanford Business School and will share her gift for all things communication, including how to inspire and unlock the power of storytelling.

Learn how to craft compelling narratives, delight audiences and disarm challenging people and situations through the power of effective communication.

How to Think Fast &
Talk Smart

Matt Abrahams - Lecturer, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Matt’s expertise is exceptional communication. In this session, he’ll share with us how we can excel in spontaneous speaking situations – whether interviewing, networking, or engaging in Q&A. Matt teaches at Stanford, hosts a podcast, has a popular TEDtalk, and just published his second book.

Learn how you can powerfully engage, delight, persuade and inform when in any situation that requires you to be at the top of your in-the-moment speaking game.

The Power of
Executive Presence

Allison Kluger - Lecturer in Management, Stanford Business School

Allison is an award-winning media expert who’s well-known for her oversubscribed Personal Branding course at Stanford Business School. She has co-taught with the likes of Tyra Banks and Alex Rodriguez and will share her unique and cutting insights about leadership and establishing executive presence.

Would you like to have more gravitas and charisma? Learn how to shift your mindset as well as your voice and body language to amplify your confidence, presence and power in everyday life.

The Power of Resilience

Anil Menon - NASA Astronaut Candidate & Former Medical Director, SpaceX

Dr. Anil Menon is an incredible testament to the power of resilience and the human spirit. He launched the first humans into space as SpaceX’s first medical director, served as first responder after the earthquakes in Haiti and Nepal, and fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming an astronaut.

Hear Anil’s incredible story and learn how you, too, can develop more strength, wisdom and resilience in the face of life’s most challenging setbacks.

The Power of Self Love

Matt Kahn - Best Selling Author & Spiritual Teacher

Through his books, keynotes and live events Matt Kahn has garnered a huge following teaching people to strengthen the noble qualities of gratitude, kindness and empathy. In this unique session he’ll share with ASCEND-ers ways to practice self love so we can experience more ease, fulfillment and personal success.

Do you feel you could use more self-compassion or a way to access a feeling of calm and groundedness when you need it most? Learn two key techniques for dissolving anxiety and finding self-love, self-compassion and wholeness in this interactive session.

The Superpower of
Radical Empathy

Johnson Fung - VP of Design & Product Innovation, Pathstream

As former Head of Learning at Adobe, Johnson’s expertise is in creating powerful and immersive learning experiences. But he designed his most profound one when he and his wife could’t find a way to repair their relationship, and he was able to change the game through a deep dive into radical empathy.

Learn how amplifying your ability to understand another can unlock your most difficult relationships and intractable conflicts.

Managing Yourself Before Managing Others

Annie Riley - CEO, Fort Light

Annie changes the game for startup founders, helping them become stronger leaders and innovators through powerful inner work and mindset shifts. Prior to this, she consulted privately for startups and VCs, including First Round Capital, and served as a VP of Operations for HotelTonight.

Learn how key mindset shifts can profoundly shift your ability to lead, grow and move through challenging blocks and self-imposed limits.

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