Redefine What It Means To Have It All

Find your balance, raise your energy levels, and clarify your purpose
within a community of women who share these same goals….

Lauren shines a light on how our beliefs can tie us down like invisible ropes and hold us back from living the life we want to live. She shows us how we can tackle our own pre-programmed thinking and break free from the imagined perceptions we hold.

Joe Dispenza

NY Times Best Selling Author

Great vision, and great communicator. When you ask the right questions you tend to find the right solutions and I find Todd to be someone unafraid to ask the most important questions while framing the biggest possible vision

John Mackey

Founder and Former CEO of Whole Foods
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Our faculty has taught courses at Stanford and worked with notable luminaries


A dedicated platform empowering deep connections and community


Engage with research-based methods backed by neuroscience

Let Us Help You Find Your Sweet Spot:

While women today are working harder than ever to excel in their relationships, their careers, and their physical well-being, the truth is that most of us are feeling radically unfulfilled and not connected with our highest purpose.

When we’re really honest with ourselves we notice a relentless inner critic that touts self-doubt, hidden fears, and tells us that we’ll never make it out of this way of being. When we explore even deeper we often realize a lack of self-worth that makes us feel stuck, exhausted and depleted.

On the bright side, many women have dissolved this negative spin cycle and found their way to a life of balance, fulfillment and great joy! YES, it’s possible….

We built ASCEND to help you explore practices that have been proven to work, to meet other women who are on a similar journey, and to have an easy place to explore your growth & self-care. We do all kinds of amazing things on our platform – workshops, rituals, assessments, curriculum – but the aspect that shines through is our community.

So we invite you to join one of our upcoming workshops, meet some of the women, and start growing towards your highest potentials with the secret tool of sisterhood:

“This work helps you see the magic in yourself and what you have to offer the world. I believe in myself so much more now and am making powerful choices to reflect that.”

Chloé Hajnal-Corob

Our Coaching System:

The monthly value of our workshops, live coaching,
growth tools and community is well over $3,000

Meet Your Hosts

Lauren Weinstein is a former lawyer who found her highest purpose as a transformational coach. Since then, she’s taught a popular course at Stanford, coached leaders from top companies, and her TEDTalk “Don’t Believe Everything You Think” now has almost 3 million views.
Todd Jason has helped devise programs over the last 20 years that have reached over 10 million people, working with some of the biggest teachers in the world including Eckhart Tolle, Tony Robbins, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra and many others.

Choose Your Plan


$39 / month



$399 / year

Our Teaching Faculty

Amisha Patel

Our Relationships &
Money Expert


Our Embodiment Experts

Jenny Mannion

Our Resident Shaman

Think of our community and workshops as your secret recipe for life-changing success and abundance:


Our workshops, events and curriculum are all meant to fit within your life. You can participate as much as you want, and most people plug into our platform in the ways that are convenient for them. We record everything, so if you can’t make a live event you’ll always have access to it. The best way to experience ASCEND is to join in, come to our next Kick-Off call, and meet us!
Our platform offers a comprehensive, step-by-step journey to achieving elevated well-being. There’s no limit to what you can learn within ASCEND. Expect awesome people, enlightening ideas and radically good change.

Each month we choose a theme (unleashing creativity, radically increasing energy levels, dissolving limited beliefs for ex.) and we run 30-days of curriculum around the topic. We provide tools and practices during weekly training sessions with Lauren, Todd, and our faculty. We also host ‘office hours’ for personalized coaching. Each month we’ll provide you an audio for daily mental reprogramming (highly recommended) and walk you through our ultra potent self-assessment tool to give you a well-rounded, low impact, deeply transformational system you can always count on.

Absolutely. One of the best features of ASCEND is access to so much content that’s already been produced and ‘on platform.’